Aliens & Monsters

Uranus Vision

you are being watched…you need to be put to use…you’re nothing but fertilizer…Goddess Cheyenne and Mistress Jean Bardot are aliens from another planet, a superior planet of course. They capture a confused male specimen wandering in the dark woods at dusk. Taken aboard Their spacecraft, the subdued male is bound to a custom metal tilting chair, by horrific octopus type tentacles that constantly squirm and restrict. Eerie voices echo throughout the ordeal, one sensual, one freakishly evil, but both tell of the same inhuman plan to impregnate their captive with Their precious eggs. Watch as the egg bearing alien completely wrapped in black latex with monster sized breasts and insect-like wings, injects Her precious eggs into the helpless human man-ass, with Her huge blue alien penis. With Her alien assistant by Her side, also garbed in black latex, steampunk style headpiece, yellow goggles and a very creepy right hand made of suction cupped tentacles, this human incubator isn’t going anywhere, until They have completed Their vile procedure. The unfortunate subject then has his penis sucked and drained dry, over and over and over, to be used as the fertilizer for Their precious eggs. All the while, the strange voices keep him mesmerized and helpless…the probing…the sucking…stroke, stroke you cock. After the eggs have been incubated properly, they will be extracted and used to integrate the two species, creating a new master race. Will They ever let him go, how many more will They take, how many have They taken? Will you be next? The end has a wonderful alien JOI scene. Goddess Cheyenne, Jean Bardot, alien, sexy aliens, tentacles, insect wings, steampunk, black latex, giant rubber breasts, custom bondage chair, gas mask exotic makeup, eggs, milking, goggles, JOI, green screen, eerie voices, dark woods, capture, impregnate, incubator, helpless, , large blue hollow dildo