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Turning you into My Vampire bitch boy (ID# 328 HD 720rez)

We are at My home after a surprisingly lovely tindr date. We’ve been drinking wine & you start to feel woozy. I fetch you some water, but before you can drink any you get really dizzy & out of sorts. You start to have a hard time moving your body, as if you are paralyzed. You think that you see fangs grown from My canines… scared, you ask Me about them. I laugh. you fool, you’ve walked right into a Vampire’s home! I was just planning on draining you, drinking all of you… but you seem sweet, obedient. I could use you- I think I’ll turn you!! Once bitten, you’d be attached to Me for all eternity. you won’t have a choice, you’ll have to be My Vampire bitch boy & serve Me. Not only will you have to bring Me humans to be My donors- your life will be all about My pleasure. I won’t be using your dick, I need something more substantial then what you’re packing- but you will be taking Mine. I’ll train your boy pussy for all eternity. but I’ll never, ever touch your dick… I’ll be getting My dick elsewhere. That’s right- you’re going to be My Vampire bitch cuckold for all of eternity. Your going to take My dick so well though. Get ready. your ass is Mine.