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There’s Something Trying To Escape My Belly!! *Request*

Hello!This clip was a request, and boy was it fun to film!This clip is a also roleplay, so allow me to set the scene..You and I just shared the most amazing 3-course meal.. I ate lots of new and exotic food, and now I’m absolutely stuffed!We’re sat on my bed having a post-dinner chat.. When I feel something strange. ”Sorry.. I’m not sure what that was.. Excuse me.. Ohhhh…. Ouch..” I start to rub my belly.. ”I think I must just have some bloating or some gas from our meal.. We keep chatting away.. And soon the pains are back, stronger and more unusual now.. ”I think something really strange is happening.. It’s like something is moving inside me!!!” .. We both look in awe at my stomach, as it starts to shapeshift, growing bigger and bigger.. Moving as if it’s got a mind of its own.. ”You know,” I say ”I think there was something weird in my main course.. It tasted kind of funny..”..Before I know it, my stomach is bulging out, pulsating in front of my very eyes. The pain gets more and more intense, I try rubbing it and hoping it’ll go away.. ”It feels like something is trying to escape through my belly button!!!!” I tell you, terrified.. ”Sorry, I think I need to lie down and rest my eyes.. I’m not sure I can cope with this pain.. Owwwwwwwch… ” I lay down.. Breathing fast, my stomach still moving and about to burst open.. Leaving you to watch helplessly as my stomach pulsates and shapeshifts..*This clip is my first of this kind, and feedback or other requests are always welcome! (I also do cam shows!) Email me on*