Aliens & Monsters

Spider fucked – Sherry Stunns & TerraMizu – WMV 1080 HD

TERRAMIZU is pacing around her studio set, trying to think of what content she can shoot with sexy MILF SHERRY STUNNS. As she contemplates on clip ideas, she is being stalked by a GIANT MONSTER SPIDER! The beady red eyes of the SPIDER glow as it’s about to lunge onto its prey! SHERRY STUNNS arrives to the studio, only to find TERRA is a skeleton now! Her life was drained by the MONSTER SPIDER! SHERRY is distraught and frantically tries to call 9-1-1 for help! Realizing she’s hysterical, she tries to calm down with meditation. As she collects herself, she fails to notice the webbing that BINDS her arms and legs to the chair! She realizes too late, as she is now trapped! The SPIDER reveals itself and sprays its SPIDER WEB all over SHERRY’S body, so she can’t break free! She is completely BOUND and helpless! The SPIDER takes this opportunity to do what it did to TERRA: lay his eggs inside SHERRY, and let the hatchlings devour her body! The SPIDER lifts up SHRRY’S skirt, exposing her SHAVED PUSSY! The GIANT MONSTER SPIDER mounts SHERRY and begins to FUCK her! The SPIDER IMPREGNATES SHERRY, then retreats back to its dwelling. SHERRY soon realizes she is PREGNANT with little SPIDERS inside her! Her BELLY begins to expand! She STRUGGLES a bit but soon gives birth to little SPIDERS that crawl out of her PUSSY! The little SPIDERS waste no time as they are HUNGRY! They begin to EAT away at SHERRY’S body! She screams in pain, and eventually fades away into the afterlife. Want a custom video? Email me for more information :)NOTE: All clips come in the following formats: WMV 1080 HD, WMV 720 HD, WMV 480 SD, MP4 1080 HD, MP4 720 HD & MP4 450 SD. Use the SEARCH FUNCTION at the top of the page and type in the TITLE of the clip to find THIS CLIP in a different format. If the other versions are NOT yet posted, check back, as new clips are posted everyday!