Aliens & Monsters

Parasitic Pregnancy

*Custom Video*”It starts off you being occupied, either cleaning or watching TV, discussing how frustrating certain things have been. While occupied then eventually you will start rubbing your belly, feeling the alien moving as if wanting attention, causing your stomach to move which in turn forces the aorta behind your navel to pulsate as if you had a heart beating to the point you can even hear it. Intrigued with it is a good or bad, you lay down , unbutton your dress down, all attention by watching the alien make your belly roll and play against your navel as you decide gently finger inside, creating odd orgasmic sensations like before. You even notice you can interact with it by asking it to move. You begin to have fun with yourself telling it to either slow or fast, push against your navel light and hard. After climaxing, being in a better mood. Eventually you begin to ask the question if it is some of parasite that feeds on sexual intent via your belly and whether it enjoys creating sensations in your belly as much as you do.”Interested in commissioning a custom video with any of our beautiful models? Email us today with a script that can make your fantasy into a reality!