Aliens & Monsters

Monsters in my belly 5Aa

Order: “Hey I was wondering if you could do another custom for me. It’s a little different than the other 2. It will start off with you asleep in her room and an unknown woman sneaks in and makes sure you are asleep. She pretend to place a spell on you so no matter what she do you stays asleep. Then she very slowly lifts up your shirt to expose just your belly, she starts rubbing your belly and circling your bellybutton. She then again pretend to put monsters in your belly through your bellybutton. Shortly after that she tell the monsters in your belly to grow and your belly grows out. She won’t do anything at first even as your belly rises, because of her spell, which she also place a spell on your arms and legs locking them in place. Keeping your arms at your sides. Your belly pulses and she can’t wait for them to rip their way through your belly, but she also decide it’s boring to keep you asleep through this whole thing so she decide to release the spell. She releases it and you starts to moan because of the pain in your belly, you can feel the monsters squirming inside you trying to burst through your belly. Then you wake up confused and in pain. You asks who she is and what she’s doing here. She tell you that your belly’s a host for her monsters and that they’ll burst through your belly sometime soon. You can’t believe it but your belly growing out convinces you and you ask how she got them in and she tells you, through her bellybutton. That’s when she decides to add more monsters to speed up the bursting of your belly. She tell you that and you protest and even beg but she of course don’t listen and places a hand a bit above your belly. You keeps telling her no but then her belly full inflates. She laughs and tells you the monsters in your belly want more siblings, and since you can’t move you can’t do a thing about it. She pretend to put another egg in your belly and then your belly moves violently for a little bit then fully inflates again. She tells you they want more siblings to hatch in your belly and rip it open so she places another in your belly even though you protest. After a while you tells you that she feels your belly getting full and she tells you the monsters are coming out of your belly. Your belly fully inflates and stays that way for a little bit and your belly pulses faster and faster then they burst through.”