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Jasmin & Galas Eaten by Monster Vore – m4v

Custom Request~  Galas and her roommate are at home in their apartment getting ready to go out swimming with the guys. Both girls are covered in bath robes and take them off to reveal their new bikinis to each other. Galas notices how delicious her roommate is looking in her new bikini and doesn’t want to have her stealing any attention from the boys on her trip. So she flirtatiously compliments her, caressing her legs, tummy and tits. She walks away for a moment, sprays something on a paper towel, and comes back from behind and covers her roommate’s face with the paper towel, and she goes to sleep falling limp.  Galas decides to feed her roommate to her monster. Her roommate is still barely awake.  Eyes still closed. The monster starts at the feet, and consumes her legs. Jasmin still barely awake, not knowing what is happening, can feel the monster’s tongue on her pussy once he gets to her waist. (she is laying on her back, chest and stomach facing up, and she is still outside the monster’s mouth from the waist up). She begins to breathe heavily and starts playing with her tits. The tongue play eventually leads to an awakening orgasm. Galas taunts her as she orgasm’s telling her to enjoy it, since it will be her last. After the orgasm, the roommate is now fully conscious and aware that she is about to be eaten, but she is too weak to fight back. Her eyes still rolling back from the orgasm.  The monster chomps down on her and she is eaten alive while groaning in pain. The monster then burps out her bikini top, while Galas laughs. But the monster isn’t done. It catches Galas by the foot, and Galas, falls to the ground, in the same position (on her back, stomach and tits facing up) as it starts to eat Galas foot first. Galas is confused, asking what her monster is doing. But once it consumes her legs and gets its tongue to her pussy, she loses the will to resist as the orgasm starts to take over her. Galas is playing with her tits as she moans in pleasure. The monster excretes a slimy liquid all over Galas’ stomach and chest. Galas rubs it all over her stomach and chest as her orgasm continues. Eventually pulling off her bikini top as she peaks. Finally weakened from her massive orgasm, Galas stops struggling, as her eyes still roll around, and the monster finishes her off, burping out her bikini top as well.  (Want to order your own custom video? Email me at my email address at top ) @GalasXXX