Aliens & Monsters

Gremlin Attack – HD mp4

#1 Aliens & Monsters*Top 4 Limp Fetish*Did she think she was off the hook? Well, too bad! Kayla’s pesky little gremlin friends are back and eager to knock the poor girl out. Without a warning this time, she’s hit straight in the face and falls down for the count. Her legs fly straight up into the air, dress riding up around her little waist. Confused and disoriented, Kayla gets back up. The pranksters waste no time, and bonk her out hard again. Even her heels fling off her feet as she is laid out! Curious and dazed, she searches for the origin of the mysterious laughter that taunts her. She is laid out several more times by hits to the face, legs flying up into the air before laying out like a log, panties exposed through her pantyhose, sometimes her shoes falling off. Poor Kayla just can’t catch a break.