Aliens & Monsters

Forced Alien Impregnation: through her throath, belly and ass!

Happy Halloween!You’re asleep still and the sheets are off, your shirt is down but that soon changes. Your shirt slowly lifts up exposing your belly once more and something (the first alien already inside) pushes your belly far out as it can go because the presence in your belly senses one of its own coming closer to join it inside you. We get a POV of something coming closer to your bellybutton and a voice speaks to it from inside your belly:”come inside her anyway you want, if you want to come in through her bellybutton you can do that just force your way in”Then a different voice, the alien POV, speaks and says:”her belly fills out nicely it should hold both of us till we grow to our full size”The whole time this is happening the alien outside your belly is examining your whole belly and bellybutton. Then the alien outside moves closer to your bellybutton and the alien inside moves your belly violently. The alien outside says “be careful, you don’t want to burst out of her now at least not until I get inside her”, then the alien inside stops and the outside alien goes to your bellybutton and forces its way inside you.After a while your belly moves around and finally settles. Your belly is huge filled with two life forms just tearing you up inside taking what they need until they are ready. They talk again:“I can’t wait to burst open from her belly” “I know. We should wake her when we are about to come out of her”“That is an excellent idea! We should wake her now but not reveal ourselves yet.” Your belly is fully expanded and you are woken up suddenly from your sleep. You look down and see how big your belly is and how much it hurts along with your bellybutton. You touch your belly unaware something is inside you plotting. Then your hands go down and your belly lurches forward suddenly. Then you hear two voices in your head speak to you. They say they are aliens who have come here to incubate themselves inside a human belly and that are ready to leave it. You ask how they got inside you and one replies it went in through your mouth and down your throat and the other one forced it’s way into your belly through your bellybutton. They also could have gone through your butt however they would’ve preferred you be awake for that because it would’ve hurt you. You are scared based off that last part of their conversation, but you still ask how they will get out. They say they will burst through your belly, that they will start from behind your bellybutton then force their way out causing your whole belly to explode. You panic but as you do your belly violently moves and something takes control of your arms and hands and places them on your belly.Then a third alien appears. You are violently pulled down and your underwear disappear. We switch to the third alien POV who is approaching you from behind, talking about how is going into your belly passing through your butt. As we get close, the camera switch to your face and you cry becaute it hurts so much. You are then flipped over and your underwear is put back on. Your belly now is as big as ever.The voices say “can you feel us moving inside of you? We are coming out. Can you feel your bellybutton expanding? That is our exit out of you”. You beg them not to but they refuse to listen. Your hands are forced back down and your belly is fully expanded once again to the point of almost bursting. You feel them move in your belly to where your bellybutton is you know they are coming. Even as big as your belly is there are little pushes at the top where your bellybutton is and even around it. You still beg despite the pain but to no avail. Then your belly pushes and you lift off the bed with your back arched and then your bellybutton tears and your whole belly explodes.Thank you B. for this amazing idea!