The Vampiress of Clinton Beach


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Erotic vampire fantasy set in Connecticut. The small New England coastal town of Clinton Beach is the bizarre scene of a major U.S. coast guard investigation after a local boy disappears off shore in a kayak over the Thanksgiving period. The tragedy hits when you are staying with friends, getting out of NYC for a weekend break.The only eye witness, a young girl with learning difficulties who was standing on the shore looking out to sea at the time of the disappearance, is claiming she saw a naked woman swimming in the direction of the boy’s kayak the hour of the attack about 50 yards offshore, but local authorities have dismissed her account as delusional ramblings in favor of the theory a rogue Great White Shark has entered Connecticut coastal waters.Marine biologists have been dispatched from NOAA Fisheries and are en route from DC to assist the coastguard operation…. but as one fisherman has pointed out… there is no sign of any shark in these waters, nor any large marine predator sighting in over 5 years… nor has any material washed up that may indicate the presence of a large shark, for example the boy’s kayak with bite marks, in evidence whatsoever.The shark attack theory just doesn’t add up. As a serious UFO expert, you haven’t dismissed the girl witness and have kept an open mind. You suspect her witness statement isn’t fabricated and that there may, horrifically, be some truth in her story.Acting on a hunch, you stumble across a trail of dried blo od stains on Clinton Beach, at the mouth of the Hammock River, and your research leads you to take a midnight stroll onto the beach in search of a clue to find the missing boy. If you’re right, he may still be alive and imprisoned somewhere nearby for this vampire saves her prey for later.Bringing your torch to shed light across the midnight shadows, a pocket knife and your courage to search the sand dunes for the missing boy, you find yourself outside a beach pavilion with the mysterious haunted forests closing the darkness on the horizon. A twig snaps behind you. Someone, or something, is following you.. hunting you down in the night.. Your frosty breath fills the chilly air, with hyperventilating mist in every pant, as you are confronted by the terror of your worst fears… and are forced to come face to face with a horrific, extremely sexual nightmare lurking in the coastal shadows. She has no name, and goes on both land and water.Will you run? Can a vampiress be so beautiful but evil at the same time? Must you hide from her sexual torture, or succumb to her extreme power? A dangerous vampiress is visiting with you tonight.

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