Son-Of-Landshark eats Ariel Anderssen – M4V

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 221/kb
Son-Of-Landshark eats Ariel Anderssen - M4V

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Local station manager Lorelei Mission is sick of dealing with the crass puppet star of The Giggity Gibbon Show; still, she’s willing to be tonight’s guest on his talk show. But the dirty-talking monkeypuppet has a special surprise for her, and Lorelei finds herself forced to suck puppet prick, live on the air! The verbal abuse is fast and furious as Lorelei whimpers, sucks, and gags on furry puppet cock. Finally the shrieking simian demands that Lorelei present her big boobs to be jizzed upon… and this is when we learn that puppets have far bigger loads than you could possibly imagine! Lorelei is splurted on and squirted on and sploshed on, to her horror… her degradation goes on and on… until her face and breasts are covered with gross disgusting sticky gooey puppet spooge.
Puppet porn, aliens and monsters, bukkake, verbal humiliation, sploshing, wet-and-messy, wam, splosh, yogurt, milk, food, dirty talk, domination, submission, embarrassment, weight humiliation, oral sex, blow jobs, sucking, humiliation, big loads, secretary, big tits, mature, curvy, topless, high heels, corset, mini-skirt, blackmail, extortion, boss and employee, talk show, cruel, abusive, puppetry, Penistry of the Puppet. Giggity: Count Boogie.
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Length: 11 minutes
Size: 261 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×480
Added: 6/4/16 8:10am

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