Nikki Daniels Fucked Hard by the Sea Monster – HD


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Nikki Daniels is laying down in bed, relaxing after a hard day’s work when when suddenly the infamous sea monster jumps poor Nikki, ready to take what he wants! He mounts her and pumps her tight pussy and moans while she she lays there, terrified, petrified, and unable to move or resist! Crying, Nikki valiently tries to fight off the terrifying sea creature and throws a stuffed toy at him. It’s not very effective, and only irritates the monster more! He grabs her shapely hips and proceeds to desecrate poor Nikki even more. He gropes her perky breasts and fucks her HARD missionary style as she tries to cover her boobs in shame. Her tits bounce as he ravishes Nikki, eventually pulling her on top of him cowgirl while controlling her movements. He seizes her tits and motorboats them, Nikki grimacing all the while. The sea beast then throws her back down on the bed, attacking her tight figure again until he manipulates her legs over his shoulders, and grunts as he shoots a hot, creamy, swampy load inside of her…poor Nikki! What a disgusting, horrifying experience!

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