Lift & Carry Limp Fetish with Fainting HD – Erotic Horror


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MP4 1280x720Could do a custom fainting/arm carrying limp fetish video for me? Basically, you are playing a very young schoolgirl who comes into her empty house, is confronted by a monster and faints in his arms.He lifts your limp body across his arms and carries you off. You awaken while being carried, look up and sees the villain and faints again with a sexy sigh. You wake up in a different outfit, try to escape, but are again grabbed by the monster. You again passin his arms and he carries your limp form in his arms.This scene would be repeated over and over again in various outfits . The key points is you fainting over and over and being arm-carried while totally limp. I envision an old horror film type scenario where the little girl sighs and faints at the sight of the monster/villain and is carried in his arms.Includes: Limp Fetish – Lift & Carry – Fainting – Asian – Schoolgirl – Sleeping

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