Elizabeth’s Size 10 Candid Stinky Soles Part 6

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 73/kb
Elizabeth's Size 10 Candid Stinky Soles Part 6

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–Meet Elizabeth—-43 years old—-Size 10 Feet–So Elizabeth emailed me a month ago and was interested in shooting with me.I asked for a few pictures of her feet and she quickly sent them.I loved her feet instantly and saw that she was very open and cool about fetish things in general.She wears a Size 10 but her feet look so much bigger.Her feet are flawless to me,she has amazing long perfect toes,great toenails and super flexible wrinkly soles.I asked for her to skype me a video and she did.I went crazy over the videos and we quickly set up a shoot.We talked for a little bit before out shoot and she told me she had a few fetishes of her own.She is into bondage and has an oral fetish which had me wondering and curious lol.Needless to say I couldn’t wait for this shoot and neither could she…….I asked her to have her feet stinky for me and she told me she would try her best.She arrived at my house in biker boots and older gymsocks.Her feet were sweaty and looked so amazing in person.Her feet were huge and she knew that I loved her feet which made me even more excited.She propped her feet up and we got started.She is a natural at moving her feet and her foot movement really sets her videos apart from other chicks on my clipstore.She also has a wicked toe spread and teased me the whole shoot.We went to my room to do the interview and I definitely wanted to bury my face in her soles and see how they smelled.I asked to smell her feet and ofcourse she didn’t mind.Her feet smelled great but weren’t as stinky as I wanted.She mentioned that she had these older sandals that she has owned for 5 years and would wear them for a few mins for me.After wearing them her feet were nice and stinky.I would say a 6/10 as far as stinky level.I so wished she wore them all morning for me lol.She loved that I was really getting into smelling her feet and pressed her feet on my face and made sure that I smelled all in between her toes and everything.Her toes are so long and was driving me insane.I wanted much more than just to smell her feet and she knew it as well.So we did the interview and after I wanted to know more about her oral fetish.We had talked about it during our first emails and she said maybe she would show me if I was lucky.So I asked if she was going to show me and she just smiled,got up and walked towards me.I laid on the bed and she preceded to suck me completely dry.It was 1 of the most insane orgasm that I had ever had and she completely swallowed and licked everything up and loved it.I couldn’t believe how much she got into it and the show she put on.After she was quite happy and I was still on cloud 9 and rather excited.So I asked her to give me a fj which she was glad to do as well.Her feet were so huge and she just wrapped them around me.She used her soles at first and then used her awesome long toes to grip me up and it didn’t take long before I came again.She made sure she got everything out of me and was so happy that I came again.It was a pretty fun shoot lol.I will be adding her clips today and tomorrow.Please make sure to check them out and i know you guys will love her feet.

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