CrystalsHorrorStories “Bite To Meat You”.


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Well, well, well….I guess our little adventurer just couldn’t handle two ladies at one time. haha. Anyways, Happy Halloween ….Its an interesting season indeed. It seems to start the “Pumpkin season”. We make them into pies, bake them into cakes and even brew them as coffee….But we don’t actually just sit and eat a whole pumpkin?In tonights tale, we find our adventurer with an incredible hunger. You might remember when we first met him in “Strokes & Pokes”; he sought help from a rather seductive young woman. Well in tonights tale, he collapses and receives help from a rather innocent or so we think innocent young woman. She cleans him up, nurses him back to health but why? Could it be her sexual urges for a man, or could it be an even deeper need for some meat. It does seem that our adventurer has found his true refuge. Not only is she kind, sweet, and seems to only want to nurse him better. But she doesnt want to tie him up, no this time she wants him to TIE HER UP!He ties her to the bed, and she wants him to tease her. He begins to lightly trace his fingers over her pale skin which makes her giggle. He then sees the fun this could cause and begins to tickle her bare naked strapped down body. He tickles her inner thighs, legs, knees and especially behind the knees. She giggles, laughs and squirms with enjoyment. He begins to tickle her feet which send her into hysterics! She can’t control herself, and begs him to stop. She says thats enough foreplay, but something comes over our horny adventurer and he continues to tickle her crazy! He tickles her armpits, stomach, sides and even her tits. He begins to squeeze her tits between tickling her sensitive nipples with his finger tips. He goes back to her most ticklish spot; her feet which begin to make her horny from all the excitement of being tied down and tickled. He gently starts to tickle her pussy, until rubbing it with her finger tips. She begs him to finger her pussy and make her orgasm. He begins to viciously rub her pussy until she screams out “OUCH you scratched me”. He looks at his hand horrified as he is growing long black finger nails! Could this be due to the bite he received in “Strokes & pokes”? She tells him to continue, and he uses his opposite hand to bring her to a vicious orgasm. Frightened at whats happening to his hands he tries to calm down but our “innocent” hostess throws him back on the bed, and begins to suck on his throbbing cock! She wants to return the favor she says as she’s licking and sucking on his delicious dick. She strokes and sucks on his cock until he blasts her tongue with cum and she eats it up. All, seems to be getting better for him…or is it? She insists he follows her into the bathroom to get cleaned up and she sneaks up behind him and hits him over the head! He wakes up tied to a chair in the room. She walks back in dressed, and licking a giant knife!She explains its so hard to ration food these days, its even making her skin peel off from eating human meat. She expresses he looks as if he is just getting sicker and sicker. She was going to keep him around longer, fatten him up but with how sick he seems to be looking its better if she saves the meat now before it becomes to tainted. The cannibal pulls out a finger, HIS FINGER and sucks on it. “See it won’t hurt” she says “I already cut off your finger and you didnt even notice”. Panicked, he looks down and sees he’s missing a finger! She comments on how his whole appearance is changing so she better get her water boiling. She leaves the room, and it is true our adventurer is changing! His skin is becoming pale, HIS OWN hunger begins to kick in….his hunger for ! He growls, and breaks out of her restraints and hides. She comes back into the room frightened and worried when she notices he’s gone. She runs around with the knife looking for him but can’t find him until its too late! She turns around and hears him growling! She screams “What happened to your face?!”; and his transformation into a vampire him self is complete. And with a growl and her scream he attacks! He begins to devour our little blonde cannibal! Eating her alive, and not leaving a drop! She screams, and tries to get away but can not. He eats her whole. Her entire body, gone into her new home in his belly. Looks like for this cannibal, tonight she wasn’t the only one hungry for sex, fun, and flesh!*Click* it and See the end of our adventurers tale

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