Bailey Brooks and the Sea Monster Horror – HD


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Bailey Brooks is back! She is taking a nice nap when she is abruptly woken up by a gross sea monster! It sneaks in and grazes her smooth legs with its’ slimy hands, spreads them apart and mounts her! It’s SO gross! Bailey tries to get away, but she is too small for the hideous beast and is overpowered! He has his way with her, gropes her HUGE tits and even goes down on her, his slimy head in between her legs! Ugh!! He bangs her missionary for a long time and then pulls her on top of him, frcing her to ride him cowgirl style. Bailey tries to wiggle away but the sea monster is just too strong! Then he pushes her back down and fucks her in missionary again and this time decides to take her from behind, also! He pounds her pussy and then he pulls her back on top and cums! She is beyond grossed out and lays down in the fetal position on the bed. The sea monster gets behind her and growls in her ear…..

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