Alien growing inside my BELLY! MP4


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This 15 Minute and 20 Second clip is only $11.99 for a limited time! Enjoy!In this CUSTOM comission I was eating a snack….The aftermath isnt so good. I was sitting outside and started getting this HORRIBLE stomach ache. “I dont think that snack was so good for me”. Im holding my stomach moaning in pain.”I feel really sick, I might just have to lay outside, Right here and hope the stomach ache goes away.” I just lay down on the ground, on my back, still in pain, still moaning. I show my stomach a little and lift my butt in the air while Im still rubbing it. Then I lay sideways with my arm up still rubbing it and still looking at the camera during the painful stomach ache talking about how much it hurts. I lay flat down on my side while I keep rubbing it. “I know this is weird but It feels like theres an alien or something inside me and its like trying to break free thru my BELLY BUTTON or something!”I notice that my stomach just started bulging…”So weird” I say.My stomach gets bigger as it hurts more “Its not like this could be a food baby…” I hold my stomach in pain as it bulges more and more.”Look at my stomach! Its crazy how its bulging so much!?””Do you see it moving in and out? This is so crazy” as I wince in pain over and over.In a closer view of my stomach and me now you see how big my stomach has gotten as I keep rubbing it. I poke my belly button over and over with my finger while my shirt is covering and I breathe heavily in pain.”If theres an alien trying to come out of my belly button I guess I better push it back in, right?….Its like my stomach is convulsing now!”I then pull up my shirt and you have a GREAT view of my TUMMY as I rub it while still in pain. You see my STOMACH CONVULSE and move UP AND DOWN violently! It gets worse and worse as Im laying there! It gets bigger and bigger like a PREGNANT BELLY as Im laying on my back with my STOMACH EXPOSED. I face my stomach a little more toward the camera and you can really see it moving!!! Great views of my BULLY BUTTON too! I stick my finger in my BELLY BUTTON again over and over “Get back in there alien! Dont come out of my belly button!” I get so tired from being so upset I cant do anything but watch my stomach!!!Then I give you a full side view of my tummy and the ALIEN fighting inside it! I sit ON MY STOMACH, STOMACH SITTING, also with my stomach still CONVULSING!I end up moving in so many different weird POSES due to how much my stomach hurts, Hoping one will hurt less!!!You get a fairly close up view of my CONVULSING STOMACH and BELLY BUTTON at 13 Mins in as it moves faster and harder.My HUGE stomach almost takes over the whole screen!I sit up in so much pain and Im upset “What am I going to do? This is hurting more and more!” As you see my stomach getting bigger still!”I really think it is an alien…The only way I can keep it in is…” and I put my finger in and i FINGER FUCK my BELLY BUTTON again. I fight and fight and fight and then I suddenly PASS OUT.The ALIEN WON.”Hello, I am a part of a race called sacro. We. Are. Going to take over your entire world thru BELLY BUTTONS.Do you have an idea for a custom clip? Email me atCustoms start as low as $60!FETISHES INCLUDED: ALIENS AND MONSTERS, BELLY FETISH, BELLY BUTTON FETISH, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, STOMACH SITTING, BELLY SOUNDS.

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