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Alien Scully Cum Draining JOI – The X-Files

Hello Agent Mulder. You have awoken aboard a spaceship to see your sexy redheaded partner Special Agent Dana Scully standing before you. For all these years you thought I was on your side and we were going to defeat the aliens. But you were sorely mistaken. Not only have I been working with the extraterrestrials this entire time, I AM an alien. Infiltrating the FBI and using you as my naive, easily manipulated informant was too easy. Now my species has a plan for world domination, and I’m going to need your sperm.  I plan to combine your human sperm with my alien eggs to make a dangerous hybrid species that will take over Earth and put an end to humanity. I make you jerk off for me, telling you all about my horrible plans for you. I’ll milk you of your cum daily, turning your DNA into an army of alien hybrids. I will perform all sorts of spine-tingling medical experiments on your human body. Maybe if you’re extremely obedient and compliant to all my poking, prodding, and probing, you’ll be allowed to fuck me. Alien women do get horny, and it’s a more direct process for you to impregnate me.  Now cum for me, you mortal fool, and give me your sperm! Give me every drop of that huge load, knowing that your cum is leading to the destruction of humankind! Give it all up for your alien Mistress. You were always so weak for me, Fox.   Featuring: Luna Sapphire, The X-Files, parody, aliens & monsters, impregnation fantasy, science fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, cosplay, costume, jerk off instruction, cum countdown, masturbation encouragement