Aliens & Monsters

Alien impregnation & belly possession

Custom clip:”You are asleep, you are dreaming that an alien has sex with you and impregnates you. You wake up in shock, but after a few seconds you think it was just a dream and you calm down a little, but instantly you feel something in your belly, is moving faster and faster. It turns out it wasn’t a dream. Your hands are pulled up all the way above your head by an invisible force. You try to struggle out but it is no use and then your belly expands out, something is trying to burst through your belly. It keeps happening and it hurts you really bad and you can’t figure out what is in your belly only that it’s trying to force it’s way out. You beg for whatever it is not to burst through your belly but it ignores you. It makes your belly expand and retract sometimes even forcing your belly to stay fully expanded for a little bit and it is painful. After this goes on for awhile you feel it finally getting ready to burst through your belly. It pushes inside you making your belly fully expand as far as it will go and you say “No no no no no please don’t burst through my belly!” but it gives one last push forcing your belly out and the screen fades black. The alien has burst through your belly.”