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A Handsy Ghost – Spirit Possesses Beautiful Girl’s Hands – HD 1080p wmv

**Starring Carmen Valentina**”Hey girl,” Carmen said to her best friend on the phone, “I’m visiting my boyfriend’s mom. Yeah, we’re in the guest bedroom…I think her house is haunted or something.” Although it was an older house and it was normal to hear sounds, there was something off about it – a creepy feeling that lingered in the air. “You know when you get that gut feeling that there’s something in the house?” she explained. “Yeah, I get that everywhere I walk.” On top of that, certain spots in the house were colder than others, but there wasn’t any air conditioner on – it didn’t make any sense. “She says there’s nothing with the house, it’s just an old house, but I think she’s lying because she doesn’t want to creep us out while we’re staying here,” Carmen continued. Since her boyfriend and his mom were out picking up some groceries, she decided to call her friend to comfort her in the creepy house. “I know you’ve got to go to work, so I’ll let you go,” she finally said, then hung up the phone. While her fingers twirled through her hair, and her other hand tapped the phone screen, something began to possess them.One hand threw her phone to the side, then waved wildly in the air, and the other hand soon joined its nonsense. “Why is my hand doing that?” she panicked. “Oh my god, I knew this house was haunted! Ow, what is…” One hand slapped her knee, the other groped her tits, and she couldn’t regain control of them.Carmen had goosebumps now as her hands flung wildly into her hair and onto her body. “How do I get my hands to stop doing this…oh my god, my boyfriend’s not going to believe me!” she said terrified. She put her leg onto the bed in an attempt to move her phone closer to her so she could call him. “I need my hand!” she screamed, her foot slamming against the screen desperately. Once she realized that wasn’t going to work, she tried to open the bedroom door with her foot, but was unable to turn the knob. She tried to fight her hands, slamming herself into walls, but her hands violently pulled off her shirt. “Why can’t I control myself?” she said exhausted and out of breath. “This is the weirdest fucking thing ever! What kind of ghost are you?!”Carmen’s hands slapped her butt repeatedly, and she was clueless how to make it stop. “What do you want me to do to make this stop? Give me my hands back!” she yelled into the air. She pushed her body up against the wall to prevent her hands from taking off her shorts, but even that was unsuccessful. She was soon stripped down, bare and exposed, with her fingers circling her clit, then penetrating her pussy.”Oh my god,” she moaned in pleasure, “please…please stop! I don’t want to masturbate right now!” She rolled around on the bed, one hand slapping and pinching her perky tits, the other pleasuring her. “No, no, no, please stop!” she begged over and over. “What do you want? Do you want me to cum? Please just stop!”  Her fingers forced her to have an orgasm, and she made sure to voice it for the ghost to hear. “Oh yes, that feels so good…that feels so good! I’m cumming, ghost, I’m cumming!” she blurted out in-between breaths. The spirit released its powerful hold, and her hands fell to the side. Realizing she had regained control, Carmen quickly gathered her clothes, then ran out the bedroom. This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, she is visiting her boyfriend’s mom & staying at her house, both boyfriend & his mom are gone so Carmen is alone, the house feels creepy & haunted so Carmen calls her friend, talks on the phone about how weird the house feels then hangs up, hands get possessed by a spirit, she can’t control their movement, hands wave wildly into the air, they mess up her hair, move up & down her curvy body, she tries to call her boyfriend by using her feet but it doesn’t work, she can’t exit the room with her foot either – can’t turn the doorknob, she tries to fight hands off as they strip off her clothes, forced stripping, she begs for the ghost to stop, tit groping, nipple pinching, tit & nipple play, tit smacking, tit slapping, ass slapping, ass smacking, spanking, forced masturbation, masturbating, clit rubbing, clit play, fingering, orgasm, she makes sure to voice her orgasm so that the ghost will know she had one & leave her alone, ghost releases its powerful hold & her hands fall to her sides, she has regained control of her hands, quickly picks up her clothes & runs out, spirit, ghost, possession, body possession, transfer, aliens & monsters, gender transformation, body transfer, male ghost possesses female, m2f, hand fetish, special effects, sound effectsInterested in a custom video? Contact me direct at realfififoxx (@)